Switch Sencha Cmd Versions Any Time.

​Sometimes it is handy and necessary to change the Sencha Cmd version without having to play around with your path and hand-juggle multiple versions.

Here are some simple steps to check which version is running, see which versions you have installed and finally a step to actually change the currently running version.

​Scotts-MacBook-Pro-2016:​scottsalisbury$ sencha switch --list
Sencha Cmd
Looking for versions at: /Users/scottsalisbury/bin/Sencha/Cmd
Current version
Newest version installed
Locally available versions

​Scotts-MacBook-Pro-2016:​scottsalisbury$ sencha switch
Sencha Cmd
Successfully switched to version
Run 'sencha help' to see the available commands on this version.
Scotts-MacBook-Pro-2016:​ scottsalisbury$

About the Author Scott Salisbury

Scott is the creator of Motivated Code Pro and the Managing Partner of Pinch Hitter Solutions, Inc. Motivated Code Pro is devoted to helping developers build better software careers. Pinch Hitter Solutions (phs4j.com) is a consultancy focused on mobile app development and enterprise web work. Scott works primarily in Java and JavaScript and focuses on Spring and Ext JS.

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