Part 3 of 6 – 5 Keys To Becoming a Successful Consultant as a Software Developer

Part 3, Key 2.

Writing for Blogs and Posting on Social Media

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This is part 3 of a 6 part series:

Getting your name out there is important. Writing for blogs and posting on social media are great ways to let prospects and even existing customers know who you are, what you do, and that you really know your stuff.

Taking the initiative to write also gives them a look at your ability to communicate using the written word. Despite living in a world of highly abridged communication styles via text and chat tools, being able to write effectively is incredibly valuable if you’re going to be a consultant—in my humble opinion. IMHO. 

This is good old-fashioned marketing for the modern era.

When I first started as a consultant, I wrote an article for a popular AS/400 magazine—still in paper form in those days—encouraging their audience to try Java and to try the NetBeans IDE. It was a guest post, about 500 words.

After the article was published, a company in Tennessee, not too far from where I live, contacted me with a barrage of questions related to Java. After several phone calls and a site visit, we began a nearly two-year consulting engagement that would not and could not have happened without that article.

Sometimes, writing for a blog, yours or someone else’s, feels like pouring cups of water into the ocean, but I know from experience that those tiny contributions to the sea of digital media can make a big difference to you. You never know who might be watching, who might be readin

All of the social platforms are used for business these days. As for me, I use LinkedIn, and I have a YouTube channel, a personal blog, and a Facebook business page.

I encourage you to start a blog and write for other blogs; write short articles on LinkedIn or other sites in your space; consider creating a YouTube channel where you can be helpful and informative to people who might use your services or work in your space.

Do some homework. What are successful people in your space doing to attract attention and help others?

It’s never too soon or too late to start. This is something that you should give attention to, even if you don’t consider yourself savvy on the various social platforms.

I am guilty of a decade of indifference where social media is concerned and have only recently really, really tried to get traction. And that was way after our business had been established. Don’t wait.

Think of social media and blogging as a step in trusting the process. Your hard work is never wasted. Have faith.

Social media and blogging are an investment in your future, but they are something you have to do today without assurance of a payoff—again, this is an exercise in faith. Immediate return is not the goal; creating an online presence takes time and effort without the immediacy of a paycheck. This is an investment in yourself and your business, and will ultimately help you find work and stay busy.

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